Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the church lady

Slowly emerging from a post weekend stupor. Feel like I worked solidly from Last Tuesday through till Sunday without pausing for breath or to put on a better pair of shoes. 
Dreamt just now that I was lecturing someone about the human capacity for work. "With each child," I explained to someone whom I pretty sure I know but whose face has disappeared with the dream, "you will be able to work so much harder." I think I was waving something around, like a rolling pin or some car keys. But this weekend wasn't about having children and the Sisyphean work of mothering them so much as it was about being a good old fashioned, hard working Church Lady. One of those ladies who sweeps the floor and makes photocopies and bakes a cake and answers the church phone and listens to people in crisis and rummages around for a nice baptismal table. "Are you the First Lady here?" a charming young child asked me at the Harvest Dinner last Wednesday. "Oh! no no, I'm a Church Lady, not a First Lady" 'and I know which is better,' I whispered to myself as I brought that good child some more pie. I'm sure a First Lady is liable to work awfully hard and do a lot of interesting things. But Church Ladies put in solid hours of good labor. When you're young you've had enough after a few minutes. But work brings endurance and endurance brings hope and hope is not a disappointment. You keep thinking you have reached the end, but then it turns out you can go just a little further before this happens.
And then you can wake up and look around and think, What's for Advent?

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R said...

Depending on their denominational background the child might've been asking if you were Matt's wife (the 'first lady' being the spouse of the pastor). Have encountered this but can't think where...