Tuesday, November 05, 2013

beef wellington and the terrible prospect of the fatness ahead

Matt made Beef Wellington on Sunday.
For Reformation Day, he said. The English Reformation, he said.
With peas and Yorkshire Pudding.
OMW (oh my word)
I'm having enough trouble with my normal every day life as it is.
I've taken a long restful two weeks away from the ghastly Jillian Michaels and her deeply offensive but also effective Thirty Day Shred. I haven't even really bothered to walk. Been too busy....and I had a cold...just wasn't time. You Know. There is just So Much to Do! Working out, which is so important as we all know, is also a big annoying hassle to me because I hate doing it. But that's no call to Matt to start wrapping meat in prosciutto, duxelles and then pastry and blast it in the oven at 425 for 50 minutes until it is golden and aromatic and then let it rest gently so that the pastry comes to be the abode of the what is essentially gravy, gorgeous rich gravy.
I mean, I know it's the Day of The Lord and so on and so forth. But heaven help me. Some things are not to be borne.
On that note, I can't possibly do the thirty day shred again for a while. What else should I do? Any suggestions? Keep in mind that I need to keep a strong core and I'm vain about my arms. And that I hate exercising at all and so it can't be longer than 20 minutes or I won't really do it, probably. I probably won't do it. Who are we kidding, I definitely won't do it.

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Jessica Snell said...

If you're not totally burnt out on Jillian, her "kickboxing fast fix" is shorter (really) than 30 Day Shred, and more fun.

And "personal training with Jackie" is long if you do the whole thing, but it breaks into pretty small sections easily.