Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm in that impossible position of trying to write several things at once, with the end result that none of them are being written, including this blog.

I managed to figure out how to watch the State of the Union last night online but it was So Late (9pm) that I had a very hard time staying awake to hear it all. I've also spent long hours trying to figure out if I can watch bits of the Olympics online. I really love not having a tv except at these exceptional moments.

So, I'm going to go muscle the children in to do some work. That part of our life is going surprisingly well. At great personal difficulty I've added Saturday as a day we do school, and I'm fairly happy with the results--we're not so stressed trying to cram everything in to four days, we have the time we need. But that means actually getting up to do school every day.

Also, we've decided to make a major household change and move ALL the children's clothes into the laundry room. We'll move their dressers and everything and then it will hopefully be a matter of washing clothes and putting them right away and everybody going to one place to get clothes. I believe I saw this on an episode of the Duggars (I know, I know, its just so fascinating)and frankly, it makes loads of sense.

Have a lovely day.


Amy said...

I love the idea of moving the children's clothing into the laundry room! I keep all pjs in the bathroom - a few less steps after bath time.

I'm so glad school is going well for you. I remember being rather overwhelmed the first couple of years!

eulogos said...

I think putting dressers in the laundry room makes a lot of sense.
I should have done that. At one point I had two playpens in the laundry room, one full of dirty clothes and one full of clean clothes, and the kids dressed mainly from the clean clothes one rather than from their dressers. Clothes just weren't making it back there.
I admit that most of the clothes I actually wear myself are hanging on a rope in our laundry room, or in a bag hanging on the door of the laundry room. It just makes it easier to store them right where they are washed. Unfortunately our laundry room is also a passageway from the downstairs to the upstairs. I keep telling my husband to just take the other stairs if he finds it too crowded, but he doesn't buy that.

Oh dear, you have comment moderation? I don't remember that..what happened?

Lauren said...

I have a friend here who created a dressing room -- she loves it. It keeps all the clothes-related mess in one spot and is very handy for sorting laundry.

Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Great idea on the clothes management! I did something considerably less attractive when I just piled the clean clothes on the dining room table with the plan of sending the neatly sorted and folded clothes with the children to put away in their rooms. Far more often than not, my answer to "Moooomm, where's my ____?" was "Look on the dining table!" Finding an actual matching pair of socks was always a problem, though, not to mention the, uh, unsightly mess.

Kerry said...

Yet another reason I wish I had a larger laundry room. :) I've seen this (on the Duggars, too) and have long thought it such a wonderful idea! Post photos when you've got it working!