Wednesday, January 20, 2010

for a tired Wednesday evening

The baby is teething and I'm strung out from obsessively following the Massachusetts senate race (So Amazing!). So I've been listening to a little Salif Keita to bring everything back into reality.

Oh! And because its too good to let it go by, did any of you hear Martha Coakley actually say "Sometimes its more important to travel hopefully than to arrive." No? Well, she did say it in her subdued and appropriate concession speech, and I think its going to be our family motto for the year. We were thinking of "Stop Crying!" But in the great hope of a politically thrilling year I think we'll go for the hope/change tack. Only we fully intend to arrive. Goodnight to you all.


Rich Gabrielson said...

Teething -- what a great metaphor for the US political scene just now!

christina said...

And apparently, Afghanistan is now terrorist-free. How peachy.