Friday, January 01, 2010

Links for your new year

I've been meaning for some days to post some other stuff I've been reading, and now is the critical moment because I'm Exhausted from partying all night. By partying I mean putting kids back to bed every few minutes and feeding the baby every few minutes. She appears to be having some insane growth spurt whereby she think she needs to be drinking milk All The Time. Plus she's colicky.

Someone just posted this link on facebook. Not only is the idea of a fiscal haiku completely fabulous, the haiku's themselves are well worth your perusal.

I've been reading about and praying for this baby for a while, meaning all the time to call her to your attention so you could pray to. Spend some time on the whole blog while you pray. Becky is so open about her spiritual life in this crisis and what God is doing. Plus, she grew up in Africa which is a guarantee that her writing is excellent.

Speaking of Africa, this is SO Funny and horrible and offensive and possibly profane and not for children, but so funny, and why we're spending so much time on geography.

And as usual, Jen hits it out of the park.

Happy New Year (again).
Oh, and Matt has made some stunning and ground breaking predictions.
OHHH and go read the update if you're from Good Shepherd.


r said... Has been my source of amusement for the day. Has nothing to do with the links you posted, though.


Carrie said...

Ahahahahaha! I want to share this comic joy with many friends!