Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Another Monday

There are flood watches all around the city and I've been mopping up water in the basement much of the morning. I'd been hoping to get down there and clean it and all the free water coming through the window/ceiling was sort of cheerfully acceptable to me. But then I put on rubber flip flops and my feet eventually slid out from under me and I landed rather heavily on my tailbone. I felt quite faint and sick so have had a long rest but I'm about to go back into the muck and try to finish up.

So, I want to point you all to Stand Firm. Matt and I have been writing together (Not an easy process let me tell you) a longish account of the last year and Matt has just posted the first installment. Its been really good to work through carefully all that happened before it fades too quickly from mind. Plus, this last Sunday was the first Sunday, to date almost, that we worshiped in our current location. So the series is really an anniversary present to us and to you. I hope you will go over and read it.

Happy Monday! Stay Dry!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing the history of Good Shepherd with Matt. An incredible journey with our Incredible God.

Dr. Alice said...

God does provide. What a remarkable story and I can't wait to read the next part.

Anonymous said...

God's provision is so wonderful! Thank you for being willing to stand firm for the gospel. Like Dr. Alice, I look forward to the next part of the story.

eulogos said...

Very well written story. It made me feel guilty I didn't come help, though. I am always feeling overwhelmed by my own life, and feeling that I can just manage to slog from one day to the next, but that must be true also for all those who helped. In retrospect it seems as if surely I could have.
I'm sorry.