Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Lament in Cold Weather, if I was a different sort of person, it would be a poem

I've got a baby, a little boy, a cat and a computer all keeping me warm and making it extremely hard to even consider getting out of bed and into the cold.

Really, I've been so looking forward to global warming and its turning out to be such a huge disappointment, at least here in New York. Instead of warming we're daily experiencing global cooling and dimming. Alright alright, I'm not trying to start a climate change debate. I'm just putting off the inevitable minute I have to get up.

Did I mention that I have to take a Tupperware of Ice to school today?

I don't understand the purpose, what with God being sovereign and all, of cold weather.

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r said...

We have (AGAIN!) a ton (or is it tonne) of snow here, and no means of dealing with it. I should've brought my snowshovel after all. Not to mention some snowplows.

Meanwhile the NHS is annoying me to no end. I can't get papers until I register baby, but they won't register her unless I have them. Never never move in the UK, the NHS will get confused.