Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I Really Wanted to do

was post some pictures. I took some very nice ones over the weekend and even today, and I intend to get them up online. BUT, I'm beat. For some bizarre reason, in the last three days, I have scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees, vacuumed nearly the whole house (I never vacuum, if I can get someone else to do it), rearranged furniture, made brownies from scratch, made mango cobbler, cooked two awfully nice dinners, kept the children at their school work, the list goes on. I'm in no way trying to brag here. I'm as confused about it as all of you probably are. Lately (for the last 14 weeks) I've been lying around on the floor, on the couch, in bed, in chairs, completely wiped out and unable even to take a shower without having to recuperate afterward. So I'm surprised to find that its only 8:30, the house is in order, and I can collapse into bed if I want to, without feeling like there's one more thing I should do. So, I'm not even going to blog, I'm going to read Pride and Prejudice (again) in bed with my sick cat and will have a go at those pictures tomorrow.


R said...

Mango cobbler! Oooo.
Dad keeps buying canned mangoes (there is quite the collection now) so I'm sorely tempted to try that.

In other news we're trying to buy a house, which is exciting & stressful. :P

Love to all!


TeacherMommy said...

Um, nesting much? :)

Jill C. said...

Maybe your body has finally realized that first trimester is over and welcomed 2nd trimester (a little belatedly) by giving you extra energy?