Thursday, May 14, 2009

The first onslaught of pictures

I want to wish my very own father most hearty Congratulations!!! on his ordination as a priest in the province of Kenya this last Sunday. He was ordained by Archbishop Nzimbi along with a lot of other wonderful people and as far as I can make out, an excellent time was had by all. My mother arrived in the nick of time from England and didn't miss anything (which had been the great worry). So here are a few pictures of the occasion.

Here he is with my mom, actually being ordained.

Archbishop Nzimbi asked him to be one of four to stand with him at the altar during communion.

Here he is in the general crowd.

Here he is milling around during the peace (you can also see my mom in back of him).

I must say, I'm totally delighted. I, and many others, have felt strongly over the years that my dad should pursue this course. For one thing, he's an excellent preacher. And for another, he knows everything already (that is, all the stuff that the rest of us have to go to seminary to learn). But timing is everything. And this was the right moment. We look Very much forward to him preaching and celebrating when he arrives here this summer (if you're in the area, do stop by).

More pictures of other things as the day ufolds. Right now I have to shove everybody in the car and go buy Milk and diapers.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting moment! For you AND for him--and your mom.
We have known your folks longer than you have (!) and have been staunch supporters of their ministry for many years. They are VERY SPECIAL folks; you are SO blessed to belong to them!
I wish we could be there in June. Maybe they'll come to Portland.
Joan Oliver (Of Joan & Jerry Oliver)

Shawn and Doug K said...

We are so excited and happy for your father's ordination. He has such a Godly spirit and will be a blessing to everyone whose lives he touches, just as he has been to ours. I am sure your mom must be so proud and happy for him. A whole new life is ahead of them now, and yet in many ways it is a continuation of the faithful work they have been doing for God all along. I hope they can see this but if not, pass on our congratulations and love.