Monday, May 04, 2009

A Gray and Cluttered Monday Morning

Apart from going out to buy milk and returning our wildly overdue library books, I expect we will be in the whole day, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning until we can bear to live here again.

My Hope (Matt, are you reading this?) is that we will rearrange the living room furniture, deMarker the walls and carpet, put all the laundry and clutter away where it belongs, vacuum, dust, and bring in a toddler bed for Gladys who appears to be able to get out of her crib, ridiculously small though she is.

Of course, if he suddenly suggests a family outing or something, I will forthrightly chuck this plan and figure out a way to do it all later.

In other words, I'm not really blogging, I don't have anything to write about, and so you'll all just have to amuse yourselves for the day.

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