Saturday, May 30, 2009

Safely in Nairobi

Anne has arrived in Nairobi safely and she asked that I update her blog. Here is an abbreviated version of the note she sent yesterday morning:

We had a fairly smooth trip. I'm exhausted because the girls didn't sleep at all the 12 hours to Dubai and then did sleep from there to Nairobi, but I was so uncomfortable that I didn't sleep much. So I'm running on empty.

My parents house is lovely. I will be able to help cook and do school and not be too exhausted but still be a help, I think. My mom looks good, but she really does get breathless going up the stairs. She seems basically cheerful. We'll all go to the hospital tomorrow to hear what the doctor has to say and then next week everything gets going.

While I was dozing in and out on the plane I kept thinking I heard Rowan pretending to be a horse. It turned out to be some kid just crying but it was exactly the same sound he makes.

The girls are loaded up with cake and running around the garden playing with the dog and basically we're all gearing up for next week.

Thank you for all of your prayers...



Jill C. said...

Good to know she's safely there. Thanks for posting this, Matt! :)

Jim said...

Prayers ascending


samantha said...

So glad that the trip is over. Thanks for letting us know.

kristiflea said...

Please keep us informed so we can send out to the prayer list.

Blessings to the "boys" as you take care of them these next days.


robroy said...

My story about going to Kenya. Two years ago, I went on a medical mission to Kijabe Hospital. I actually only had a week so I wanted to hit the ground running. My plan was to set my watch to Kenya time and take an Ambien on the flight then wake up already readjusted to the new time zone. I had forgotten just one thing: I had to change plans in Amsterdam. The flight attendant woke me up, "Sir, sir, you have to get off. Everyone else has." I stumbled through the Amsterdam airport literally with my eyes crossing. I thought for sure they would arrest me for being drugged out (I should have realized that this was Amsterdam, after all.) How I found my connecting gate, I do not know. I got on the connecting flight and immediately went comatose again. But I did wake up in Nairobi, rarin' to go. ;^)

Blessings on the Kennedy clan both abroad and the homebodies!