Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a Brief Sunday Hello

I'm here for a few minutes while the girls sleep. They've promised a tea party if they go to sleep. My parents house is a child's dream--lovely garden, wonderful dog to play with, big comfortable bed that we're all sleeping in together, cake, children's library on campus. We'll be able to very comfortably finish out the school year and relax and eat too well.

My mother is doing very well, though, as we keep saying, tired and winded. She will go into the hospital on Tuesday morning and the procedure will be at 2. Prayers, of course, are much appreciated.


Shawn said...

Anne, It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and I know your mom is thoroughly enjoying the three of you. What a beautiful place. E and G must feel like they are in a storybook come to life!

I went for prayer at communion today for your mom and am keeping her in my prayers as is the prayer group at our church. Don't know how to access her so I hope you can pass our love on to her. Keep some for your dad, yourself and E and G. There is enough to go around!

Carrie said...

Hey lady -- I am following you on your blog, and I will be praying. R. was funny in church yesterday in the row behind me, speaking in a stage whisper. Don't worry, we're all taking care of them!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne and girls:

We are waiting with many prayers on our lips to hear the outcome of your Mother's heart procedure today. Please keep us posted.

Love you all so much,