Monday, March 02, 2009

A Quiet Monday Morning Thought

I have been vaguely paying attention to the recent "election" of a Buddhist/Episcopalian person to the office of Bishop in Michigan. I certainly haven't been reading everything, so someone may have noticed this, but after trying, unsuccessfully, to listen to a whole sermon by this poor man, I'm left thinking that the Buddhist part is really there essentially to make him more interesting. Were he just a regular Episcopalian, his theology wouldn't be near fascinating enough to make him bishop. The Buddhist part is necessary for him even being noticed. Its not enough to just be heretical any more, you have to belong to a whole other religion. I say this as someone who was trying to listen to the sermon in hopes that he would say something Buddhist. Unfortunately, even that tantalizing morsel was not enough to keep me listening after 10 minutes. I had babies to change, supper to start, and the first four elements of the periodic table to review.

When and how did it happen that the essentials of Christian Truth and Teaching became boring? Because that's why so many are flitting after other gods, isn't it? Because the Bible couldn't possibly be interesting enough on its own. God isn't big enough or fascinating enough to pursue on his own terms. But if that's the road you take, eventually everybody else will be bored and leave because its Not True.

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Jimmie said...

Your post is so insightful and yet at the same time, absolutely hilarious.