Friday, March 27, 2009

Youngest Babies

I have just been awakened from a deep and disturbing sleep by Matt tripping over a laundry basket placed carefully in the middle of the floor, just for that purpose, and it turns out I was dreaming that I'd just returned from an extended deployment in Iraq and was hugging a lot of unconnected people who identified themselves as my family. But there's No Way that could have been the case. Very weird.

So now, tealess and nauseated, I'm sitting here considering my options.
Gladys came in just now swinging a pot lid wildly and shouting 'Mommmmyyyyyy! Where is Daddddy?' I was not under the impression that she was old enough to speak in whole sentences.
'He's at church' I told her.
'Chhhhuchhh?' She repeated ten times. So that's another word we can add to her list. It heretofore includes 'Don't do that', 'Stop it', 'Stop crying', 'hi', 'bye', 'poppy' (potty), and everyone's name. You can tell that's she's not a first child, I think.

So now I need think about feeding the masses, and then we need to do some school and go the library and who knows what else. It looks to be a sunny day, so I will have to adjust my mood accordingly.

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