Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Of course, of course I meant to immediately come home and blog, but instead we put all the children to bed and immediately collapsed into bed so as to be able to hit the ground running on Sunday morning. I have, really, three observations about the whole occasion. 1.It never occurred to me that we might pull it off (thus the stress leading up in all the previous days) and 2.I assumed all the time that Matt would win. and 3. It was loads of fun. That one hour of concentrated cooking without anything else going on was So Fun. So here are the first lot of pictures.

Here I am, trying to arrange the contents of our whole kitchen on the counter.

Here I am with my wonderful and talented helper, Sabina, who showed up at the last minute and turned out to be Very Fast.

Here I am putting together plates of Lamb, Courgette (zucchini), and new baby potatoes. Recipes in another post.

Here is my desert (lemon curd tarlettes) and my starting salad of avocado vinaigrette.


Rev Dr Mom said...

It sounds like great fun.

I'm a vegetarian, so no lamb for me but everything else looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea. Lots of fun. I also hope you raised some funds for the church as well. I'm totally stealing this idea for my church community. Thank you! Can't wait for the recipes.

Jane R said...

Yum! And you look wonderful.

Also, your meal was healthier than Matt's. :-)

Anonymous said...

Whaaaa! I'm going downstairs to reheat leftover sausages and f-fries. Whaaaaaa!!