Friday, April 11, 2008


E: I was planning to go with them.
Me: What?
E: I was planning to go on the airplane.
Me: Is that why you are crying?
E: Yeah.
Me: You were going to go on the airplane in your pjs without any luggage or a ticket?
E: Yeah.
Me: You think they would let you on the airplane without a ticket?
E (sarcastically): A ticket. I was just planning to go on the airplane.

So we both, E and I, request many prayers for the safe travel of my mom and dad back to Africa today. They have a long long trip before them. And we have a long day of being sad and missing them.

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Joyce Carlson said...

ME: Sob. I was planning to sneak Emma into my suitcase.
Bob: What?
ME: Just one small person extra, in my suitcase. I was planning to sneak her in.
Bob: You've got to be kidding. 13 hours in the baggage compartment between JFK and Dubai? She'd be miserable.
ME: You're such a literalist. (Weeping copiously and throwing up in Dubai. Yes, I DID get the stomach flu. Somwhere around about 37.000 feet above Izmir.)