Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Important Pictures

Obviously, I got sidetracked from my third post about Iron Shepherd.

I wanted very much to include this pictures of these very fancy and wonderful aprons (thanks Carrie!) made on the spot.

And this picture of the screen whereupon everyone was able to watch the proceedings live (still waiting for someone to let me watch it).

And this picture of me having finished cooking.

And here are the judges doing there important job.


Kellie said...

Best moment from the video feed room: Emma and Aedan entranced by watching you and Matt up on the screen, then Aedan turning around and asking, "But how are they going to get out of the TV?"
This was followed by Joe Osgood trying to explain that you guys were actually in the other room.

For one of your previous commenters, btw: lemons. They were the secret ingredient.

Scarlett said...


REBECCA said...

It looks like you have a lot of fun at your church, and it also looks like a wonderful place to worship our All Mighty Creator. God Bless all the work you do for the Kingdom of God, and may the Lord touch every soul that comes through the doors of this sanctuary.
Rebecca, Heritage Church
(Fremont, OH)