Monday, July 08, 2013

suitable attire

After a great deal of puzzling (Elphine's word), I'm pretty sure this 
is what will be worn to the upcoming wedding that kicks off The Kennedy Grand Holiday on Saturday. Or maybe it should be the Kennedy Grand Tour. Hmm. I am open to suggestions for the name of this much longed for adventure. Actually, here's us all hoping for very little venture and a whole lot of placid boredom.
A month solid of no whining.
No disobedience.
No car trouble.
No hurricanes.
No lost books or bears or shoes or iPods.
Just solidly placid if slightly boring fun.
And sunshine.
And food. Lots and lots and lots of food. Without having to do any dishes.
AGH!!! I have got to stop this and go keep packing! And cleaning! 


Anonymous said...

the kennedys excellent adventure

Anonymous said...

They all look so lovely!


Kat said...

Since only 3 of 4 girls in your pictures are wearing shoes, it probably will require Divine Intervention to get through your trip without any lost shoes. ;)

Godspeed, and may you all still be on speaking terms with one another when you arrive back home!

Anonymous said...

they need some polish on their toe nails