Saturday, July 27, 2013

one luxury and another

Romulus turned seven yesterday.

And so I worked on a contribution for cake wrecks. This is called The Wave.
And then we trundled heavily out to the beach one last time to say goodbye to the spectacular view.
And then we went swiftly to bed so as to be able to be in the car by 4:30am for the 12 hour drive to San Antonio. So here I am, in a really cool and lovely hotel room with a massive tv which has stopped the agonized crying of the children dead in their throats. After this mug of tea I am going to have a glass of wine and ponder the interesting week ahead of me. As for Romulus, he is going to be drinking coffee in the morning because now he is a man. Happy Birthday to him!


I. Ojetayo said...

Happy birthday Sir Rowan!

Dr. Alice said...

It looks as if you've had a lovely trip. (Aside from the 12 hour car ride.) Happy birthday to Romulus!

Anne Kennedy said...

My mother just commented and I stupidly deleted it. Here is her comment:

Coffee when you turn 7? What's this world coming to?
Happy Birthday Rowan! And lots of love from us in Nairobi.