Thursday, July 25, 2013

lap of luxury

I have been groping towards my former mind over the past few days, feeling that I could, if I tried very hard, put some words together in a string for the everlasting gratification of the Internet. But the trouble of it has been much much too great. I'm trying to read The Fellowship of the Ring (because I promised myself I would, as a New Years resolution) and I feel like Frodo, lugging my wretched blogging mind through the wilds of the US, trying to keep all my various children from perishing in the fire or the water or because they are whining so much. It's just been exhausting--but in the right vacationing kind of way where you spend inordinate amounts of time trying to cook your food, or the time, time and time and a half it takes to lather sun screen on screaming angry sand scared toddlers. Maybe next week I'll lightly and effortlessly chronicle the mountains of food we've been wading through. Or not. Who can say what tomorrow shall bring.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pic. It looks like it could be a picture of "What could have been" if Bonnie and Clyde had decided to direct their energies in a more domestic fashion.

BTW - you look some skinny in this pic! Looks like crush paid off!

Be careful and enjoy your trip.


Anonymous said...

Haha! I so, so, so hate sunscreen. I've been trying to train mine to put it on eachother, with mixed results. :P Kass isn't keen either or I'd have him do the lot every time.