Saturday, July 06, 2013

for a Saturday evening

OMW I'm so tired. And so is everyone else. I swear, if we have to clean the kitchen even one more time we will all die. 
We are up to our ears in packing and junk but mostly just fatigue. Maybe it was the stupidity of going to Walmart on a Saturday to look for impossible items like a "flashlight". They do have them, but they don't really want you to find and buy them. Anyway, I really do want to go away on a holiday but also, Whatever. 

So, in light of that discouraging word, here is a more encouraging one from someone who had sense enough to know Jesus much better even than I do. 

His thoughts said, My work is not important. Would it matter very much if a floor were left unswept or a room untie died? Or if I forgot to put flowers for a guest, or omitted some tiny unimportant courtesy?
His Father said, Would it have mattered very much if a few people had been left without wine at a feast? But thy Lord turned water into wine for them.
And the son remembered the words, Jesus took a towel.
--His Thoughts Said...The Father Said
       Amy Carmichael

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