Friday, February 15, 2013

7 quick takes

For lent this year we're saying morning prayer with the kids three times a week. I had been doing an abbreviated form in the fall, plugging some memory work into the middle and letting the kids twirl while we sang, but had fallen into the ditch of Not Ever Doing It. So Matt has joined us in a gracious effort to get it back.
Marigold would hog the whole time of prayer if we let her. She has lately been prying not only for everyone by name, but also for what she thinks they should do doing the day. She'll whisper the person's name and then a long list, like, 'school, chores, make your bed, etc.' Meanwhile, everyone else is still desperately praying for a good time. 'Dear Jesus, please give us a good time at the pancake supper' as if there were any serious possibility of not having one.
Part of launching whole heatedly into this new liturgical season involved going to the dentist on Ash Wednesday, in between preaching and distractedly painting some really hideous flowers on the wall of the little girls room. The dentist was amazingly fine. I left feeling like a reasonably dysfunctional person and not the total freak I've always assumed I must be (in terms of my teeth, don't let your imagination run away from you). I have several appointments to go back but I'm strangely not worried about it. And by the end of lent, I'll probably fall into the reasonably normal category, rather than reasonably dysfunctional. Still, I will be dragging out Mrs. Miniver later and putting some more content in that Dentist category on the side.
The little girls room had to be painted on Wednesday because a new floor began to go in yesterday. Our color choice was driven by our great desire to not spend any money at all. You know all those great bloggers out there who write and photograph so beautifully about how to do amazing things with no money at all? I'm not one of those bloggers.
So the floor is half in and I think it looks great. And Matt loves it, and the boys like it and the little girls are twirling and happy and Elphine...well, Elphine sobbed for 35 minutes last night until I finally just made her go to bed. 'Every single room has blue now' she wailed. 'Why can't we just have bare boards down?' So, anyone have any 'old fashioned' rugs lying around unused?
While the floor was going in I made what I finally called Beef and Lentil Stew for Shepherd's Bowl. Ground Beef, lentils, onion, garlic, green pepper, carrots, sweet potato, chickpeas, tomatoes, and one of those amazing shalimar packets full of indian spices my mother sends me when she can. Didn't take a picture and there was none left by the end, so you'll just have to imagine how rich and delicious it was.
Today we're celebrating Valentines Day. We have a party to go to and then Matt is taking me out to dinner. So exciting. Haven't been out since before Christmas sometime. So whoever it is that's bravely coming over to babysit, hopefully Elphine won't be crying any more. I'm sure it will be totally fun.
Have a great weekend and go check out Jen!


Jessica Snell said...

"Our color choice was driven by our great desire to not spend any money at all." Yes! this!

It's the same reason we didn't get cell phones till this year and when we finally did, we got the kind no one in our family would really deign to dignify with the name of Cell Phone.

Joyce Carlson said...

I couldn't find any mild packets of Shalimar this time--so you'll get a spice mixture called "Butter Chicken". Strange.
xo from mE