Friday, January 13, 2012

seven quick takes

The baby is really walking. If she's holding a cookie she will walk the length of the living room. She is extremely pleased with herself. Marigold continues cloudy.
Elphine had to write a little paragraph about the meeting of Alexander the Great and Diogenes. I don't generally like to brag but I particularly thought her dialogue and various turns of phrase were riveting. Here is her little vignette (all lovely spelling has been corrected to perfection--boo--because that was part of the assignment). You're welcome to skip it unless you're a grand parent.

The Wise Man
by Elphine
There was once a very wise man named Diogenes. One day, while he was saying wise things to himself and lying in the sun, a great king came to see him just as everyone did. However, Diogenes did not care whether or not the King, Alexander, came to see him.
Alexander said, "I have heard a lot about you. I will do anything you like."
"I know what I would like," said Diogenes.
"You do?" said the king.
"Yes" replied Diogenes.
"What?" asked the king.
"I would like for you to move,"said Diogenes, "you are blocking the sun."
The king did move and said to his soldiers, "Do not hurt this man. If I was not the king, I would be this man."
I gave up NPR for Advent and have been So Blessed as a result. I turned it back on this morning to see if they were saying anything interesting and turned it back off a minute and a half later. My life is so calm and peaceful now and the children don't have to listen to me screaming at the radio or flinging myself across the room to shut it off because they're talking about graphic homosexuality at EIGHT TWENTY ON A FRIDAY MORNING! Honestly!!!!
Tim Keller's marriage book is so so so good. I appear to be much more happily and easily married than he is (unless he's being all hyperbolic for book sales--see smashing china section--which I perfectly understand because if you can't be hyperbolic for your reading public what can you be?) but am finding its theological depth so good. I can't recommend it enough, even and especially if you find yourself happily and euphorically married.
Matt bailed me out of the laundry this week. He blew through the whole mountain in two and a half days, vomit incident included. He carried it up for me to fold and then, brace yourself, the children put it away
I've come to the conclusion that Marigold looks like me. She has my shape of face and her eyes have a steeliness about them. And everything she does seems so insincere. I try to tell myself that its just the way she appears but sometimes I think I'm fooling myself. She just looks so sarcastically ironic. Like when she's playing she's both playing and mocking the idea of playing and mocking you thinking that she's playing.
We went to the library this morning to pay our enormous fine and now we're going to do art for the rest of the day because we're so behind. That's right! No math or spelling for you! only drawing, painting (well, probably not painting) and looking and beautiful paintings.

Have a great  weekend and go check out Jen!


Anonymous said...

That is well constructed dialogue of the king and the wise man. Almost grammatically correct; it should read "If I were not the king...." We English speakers often forget there is a subjunctive form; the Romance language speakers have not.
Thanks for the tip on Tim Keller's book. I have about decided that the greatest practical aid to a happy marriage is much work to do and problems to face. This has repeatedly proved over 24 years to produce the glue binding my husband and me together. Each time we solve a big problem together (often with help), like 'how do we get our extremely premature son to survive and grow up?' (22 years ago), the outcome makes us want to carry on. Other things are shown to be minor aggravations in comparison to the joy derived from these big efforts. Take away the problems and we kind of lose interpersonal coherence by focusing too much on our differences. So I now think this is how God does things - He forms teams and assigns tasks! We have done things in 24+ years I never ever thought of attempting, let alone even partly succeeding at. Your family of 8 would similarly provide such exhilarating challenges!

Melanie said...

I love #6. Your blog is one of my favorites!