Friday, January 20, 2012

seven quick takes: competition, conflict and chinese new year

Alouicious woke me up at 7:00 by shoving his writing book under my nose to find out what he should do. Yesterday, Elphine had all her work done by 1pm which caused, apparently, Alouicious nearly to cry with rage that she then had the day at her disposal and he had frittered the time away not accomplishing one thing. So now they are in a mad race to finish everything ahead of each other. And I say, 'Praise the Lord.'
Speaking of competition, Marigold lay on the floor screaming for 20 minutes this morning because she was given a smaller container of milk than the baby. But she drinks less milk! Had to take turns holding them each as they screamed with rage at the others very existence.
Gladys and Romulus, in light of all the swirling conflict, launched into some kind of argument about who should brush some doll's hair and whether or not the doll is 'old fashioned'. Romulus, I observed, has achieved that singularly male downward turn of the voice at the end of a pronouncement denoting authority and knowledge together. In a matter of 3 minutes he had whipped Gladys into her own screaming rage.
Last night Matt and I were on the edge our seats watching the Republican debate. I had to keep leaving the room to freak out and Matt was punching various cushions. At the rate we're going at home, we could easily stage as interesting and volatile a debate for the nation, on Any Subject.
I know the Chinese New Year doesn't begin until Monday but we have two parishioners who left on Wednesday for China for this very celebration and I had the weird wherewithal to make some pseudo Chinese soup and rice pancakes and read to the children about it AND while we were at it, watch an interesting documentary in the evening. I say this not to impress anyone, but because I am so shocked we managed it. Virtually every holiday, religious or otherwise (excepting Christmas and Easter) passes us by in a discouraging blur as we cling to any kind of routine. Perhaps when all the children can walk we'll become even more celebratory.
The documentary included the filming of a young Chinese gymnast preparing for the Olympics. Elphine watched transfixed as they told about her practicing 8 hours a day and seeing her father only for a few hours on Saturday. I think we've successfully cut gymnastics out of any future picture. And I say again, 'Praise the Lord.'
And now I hear more screaming in the background. It sounds like there is an argument between Romulus and Gladys about who has finished their work first.

Have a great weekend and go check out Jen!


MomCO3 said...

Can you tell me what the documentary was? I'd love to check it out before anyone around here gets any ideas about becoming a professional-- er, amateur-- athlete.
And P.S., I say go for it with the rice flour Great Wall of China. How cool is that?
And P.P.S. If I never comment any more it's because Blogger's comment interface is practically impossible.

Kathleen Basi said...

That is hilarious about the kids. Go you!

Julie said...

This has nothing to do with the quick takes or much else except for children, lol, but when I was making tea the other day, a song inexplicably kept going through my head and I had to find it.

I LOVED the Captain Kangaroo show when I was a little girl and they once featured this oldie -- "Buckingham Palace."

And I believe that's where I first heard "Christopher Robin is saying his prayers," too. Have your children heard them, and do they love them as much as we did when I was young?

I like to believe there are places and households where children are familiar with the lovely older songs and stories and not just "Spongebob." :)