Tuesday, January 31, 2012

february--it hasn't started but it could be really bad

My children seriously lost intelligence and knowledge over the weekend. After doing two quarters worth of math, reading, writing and a lot of other stuff, they apparently don't know how to read or write or add or subtract or multiply or anything. Romulus, after knowing the letters 'a', 'n' and 'd' and having before put them together into a word, doesn't know what 'a' says.
"Does it say 't'?" he asked several times.
Instead of screaming at everyone I took a long hot shower and flat ironed my hair. Then I came back and screamed.

It is almost February, so I guess its reasonable for everyone to become a little bit dumber. I don't have any plans to avoid burn out this month. My only plan, actually, is to keep shoving the cat off the dining room table and forcing everybody to keep working until they prove to be not as stupid as they appear now. And I guess I can write some more Sunday School lessons and do a bunch of pre-lent planning. And keep praying against the snow. And knit some more hats or something.

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Anonymous said...

I say the same thing after my 6th grade boys' Confirmation class returns the following week.

Love your stuff, Anne.