Sunday, January 08, 2012

the cut and thrust of national politics

Ok, so I haven't been blogging because I'm obsessed with politics. Really....Obsessed.....

So obsessed that I stayed up till 1am watching the Iowa Caucus returns and then Got Up Early to read the spin. To put it another way, I suffered a bad bad week of school because of my constant attention to the news and spin cycle.

I've never really been obsessed with anything. I mean, of course, when I fell in love with Matt I thought about him a lot and wanted to be with him all the time. And when you have a new baby you kind of think about that a lot. But politics. Wow. SO Exciting.

I say this even sort of resigned to a horrible Romney win and an Obama reelection (blech). Its the process and spin that utterly fascinate me. So. I'm going to try to blog more this week, but I can't make any promises. I HAVE to pull off a full week of school. But I'll probably be up late Tuesday night which will make Wednesday, Thursday and Friday really awful. And then the next week, and then the week after that. I guess I could break my cardinal rule of not blogging about politics. hmmm. Anyway, check you later! I'm looking to watch this morning's debate one way or another!

PS. I'm coming up on writing post number one thousand. How crazy is that! I missed my five year blogging anniversary. I feel like I should organize some kind of party. Suggestions?


Jessica Snell said...

I think we should all write you toasts, and then drink to your health on the anniversary itself.

Jill said...

You could always incoroporate your newfound enthusiasm for the elec tion process into the school day. Maybe with the older two? Do you guys subscribe to a current events periodical (for kids) like God's World (put out by World Magazine)? Just an idea from a 20th century homeschooling mom. ;)

Tom said...

While I am rationally convinced that neither presidential candidate can do much damage to the republic the pre-election hype is emotionally addictive. By the time of the early May NC primary the top of the ticket will be determined, but election of a number of down ticket and local offices will be important.