Friday, October 07, 2011

7 Quick Takes

We are having lovely family visit and don't have barely any seconds to spare for anything. So far baby Cousin J is surviving our massive toddler and we're (or at least I am) eating way too much and enjoying the little bit up sun we've had this week.
Happy Birthday Matt!!!!
We'll all be eating brownies this afternoon and Matt will watch us because of his remarkable self control. Also, I believe there is a balloon to be given to him, and a jar of purple cabbage.
Here's a very interesting article in the WSJ about the ongoing Anglican crisis in the US which mentions Good Shepherd. 
Our main Sunday School program is Catechesis of the Good Shepherd but I've been unhappy with the fettucia and other "creation" lessons. So we bought the two creation lessons from Godly Play. But, um, wow, really really amazingly bad theology. Does anyone else have experience with these lessons? (Like in has already rewritten them and is willing to share?) The "Falling Apart" one is so bad it makes me feel unwell to read it.
I wish I had time to create a reformed/Anglican version of something with all the ease of Godly Play but all the depth of beauty of Catechesis and really good reformed theology and deep and wonderful exegesis. I would have a little atelier in my back garden and create beautiful materials (just like Sofia next to the vatican but mass produced on some tiny cute assembly line) and put up my own little youtube videos.
Gladys is this moment being very unkind to her brother and not playing with him. I'm not sure why he wants to play with her but he does and she's figured out that she holds the upper hand. They're like these miniature dysfunctional old married people from an Onion headline--Area Toddler Insists on Playing Princesses Alone.
Alright, all the other children are wanting to wrap up a variety of strange objects for Matt and if I don't go help them they'll take all my kitchen towels.

Go check out Jen!

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R said...

So you should (in all your spare time) put together the materials because then I could use it. Or at least attempt. :)