Wednesday, October 12, 2011

praying for south carolina

I'm crashing into bed but had thought, seemingly randomly, to myself three days ago how grateful I am to be out of TEC. We're wildly busy and I don't ever think about it, except sometimes to pray for local TEC congregations and KJS. But after the Wall Street Journal article and the unfettered exuberance of Good Shepherd on an ordinary Sunday morning, I was just really grateful again, the other day, to be on the other side of such a continuing mess. It is so like a messy and painful divorce--a little space and time brings so much calm and space to pray and reflect and heal.

So I am really grieved, as I pray for Episcopalians all across South Carolina--just reading about it brings that nasty sick feeling in the gut--but also really hopeful. God is going to do something remarkable, I'm sure, multiplied over and over by every person in the diocese, every congregation, every priest, and certainly in Bishop Lawrence as he steers his people through the storm. I pray a steady hand for him and all his clergy. I pray for clear vision and hope. I pray for courage. I pray they will stand firm.


Beth said...

As a South Carolinian, I thank you for remembering us. Good prayer!

AmmaKate said...

Prayers ascending with much love...for them and for those of us, having landed safely in ACNA.

Galletta said...

Thanks Ann, We appreciate the prayers. I have felt since before +Mark Lawrence became our bishop that the Spirit had a hand in his coming to us. No doubt, the Spirit will guide us through this difficult time too. Keep up the prayers! Many thanks.

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