Saturday, April 09, 2011

now in the fading light of day

The boys are riding scooters down the walk and banging into the back door.
The two oldest girls are sitting on the roof of the playhouse squabbling.
The baby's been working on smiling.

Marigold is wandering around trying to remove her diaper.
Matt is vacuuming so wonderfully because I haven't been able to face it for so many days.
I'm supposed to be making supper in a short break from the Great Easter Clothes Exchange (wherein I get all the bins of clothes out and figure out who can wear what for the next season--gasp) but am really praying and fretting about the wretched and horrible conditions in Ivory Coast.

Thought this was really beautiful. (hat tip Simcha Fischer)

Earlier was complaining desperately about having nothing to wear due to being still fat from just having had a baby. "I just want to be really really thin!" I yelled.
"Why" asked Alouicious.
"Because," I said, "I just want to super rail thin."
"As thin as Daddy?" he asked, wide-eyed.
"I'm thin" said Elphine, "Am I thin?"
"Yes!" I shouted. "I don't want to talk about it any more."

So maybe after I make supper I'll do some sit ups. But probably not.
Have a blessed Sabbath!


Anonymous said...

Baby E is just beautiful. Thank you for posting the smiley photo. Can't wait to see you all (or is it Y'all from here?). See you at Easter. C.....

R said...

Hahah! 'As thin as Daddy' just cracked me up. I think the lack of clothes is one of the more frustrating aspects...especially if you have trouble finding clothing you like to begin with.