Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week

That's what it is. Holy Week.
I have got to arise and quickly get the children moving so that I won't be late for New Baby's two month well baby at which time I expect to be told that she weighs a gagillion pounds. Nobody (at least amongst my children) ever wants to hold her because of the immediate back ache. Poor child. She is the first of my babies to definitely and completely have her hair rub off the back of her head from sitting so much.

And then I've got to run around and get ready for school.

And make some phone calls to fill those last slots of readers and one more acolyte. The vigil is well in hand, and Maundy Thursday. Thought that Tennebrae was fine until Matt said yesterday (Yesterday! mind you) "wouldn't it be great if I didn't do all the readings".

Well, yes, that's a sensible and fine idea but that means a bunch more phone calls.

I really love Holy Week for the church, but I do always come out on the other end needy for lost time with the kiddos and an actual complete conversation with Matt. I'm delighted that Elphine will be in most of the services this year, as a boat bearer and regulate acolyte. She finally decided she likes it because older girls she loves thinks its cool.

I ALREADY have Five Fat Easter Baskets filled and tucked away. I'm going to iron Easter dresses this evening. And we're going to more carefully plan all our Easter eating in such a way that we're not ruined from exhaustion. Easter day will just be something nice in the Crock Pot and then probably Tuesday of Easter Week we'll roast a large piece of paschal lamb and have lemon pie, or something.

Gratuitous Pictures
Gladys holding New Baby ("Can I hold the New Baby I'm sitting down" she says every few days.)
Alouicious a few days after turning 7. Think we lived up to his hopes and dreams but not totally sure.

Have a Blessed and Holy Remembrance of our Lord's Passion, Suffering, Death and Resurrection!
See you on the other side.


Laura said...

thought i'd comment since no one else has yet. i'm a colleague of carrie m.'s who told me about your blog. love it!

Anonymous said...

So .... how much does new baby weigh? inquiring minds want to know.