Saturday, April 30, 2011


This has long been a favorite hymn of mine.

Of course I'm sure you all heard it played at the Royal Wedding live on Friday because you woke up at 4am to watch it (didn't you? it wasn't Just me). I woke up my kids and made them be quiet and watch it too. But I'm an Anglophile, unapologetically.

Anyway, I want it sung at my funeral along with this

and this

and this

and Of Course this

Happy Easter!


Kat said...

I did not have to get up at 4AM in my time zone. Instead I stayed up until 6AM, all the way through the Kiss(es). The numbers are out this morning that 23 Million people just in the US watched it on TV, so we were hardly alone.

Your husband will be happy to know that on ABC, they mentioned the tornadoes several times, and during their post-day wrap up on 20/20 from 9-11PM, they devoted the last 30 minutes of what was supposed to be 2 hours just talking about the wedding and the participants, to cover the tragedy in the South.

quirkyskittle said...

Also, if you'd like to rehear the music as done at the wedding, I was sent this link to it:

The young fogey said...

I was indifferent about the royal wedding but happened to be awake at the right time, for work, and watched most of it. I like Parry too.

A few years ago I thought you were English because there never were that many Calvinist Episcopalians in America.