Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conversations of the Day

Matt: Its sad that tomorrow all the flood coverage on the news is going to go away.

Me: What's more important?! There will be another flood before you know it. But Prince William is only going to get married once! Well, maybe twice. Certainly not three times.

Elphine: I'm going to get married and have ten children and live next door to Nonni so that she can take care of them.

Gladys: I got married before but now I'm going to eat my chocolate.

Alouicious: I'm going to live next door to Mimi and travel and stuff. Do you think she and Nonni will live that long?

Elphine: People die all the time.

Alouicious: I know! There's tons of dead people around here.


Linda said...

I agree with Gladys.

Polly said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Kennedy house!

Mimi (shawn) said...

Nonni, I think we have our future (that is if we don;t end up among the tons of dead people around Binghamton!)cut out for us. We're taking E's ten children and going on a very long roadtrip with them and A. I guess G is just going to eat chocolate! Love, Mimi

Anonymous said...

I love this conversation.

I miss listening to kids talk.
Gotta go find me some kids.

Coincidentally, I was just watching some videos of a guy from Mercy Me (I'd never heard of them before) talking with his kids.
And I got there by watching Mercy Me's cover version of Obladi Oblada
which is a lot of fun. It's on youtube.


Samuel & Annie said...

This is fabulous!