Friday, May 28, 2010

She who dwells in the Kingdom of Incompitence, How does her Garden grow?

Some of my seeds are coming up.

I didn't expect to be amazed but I'm beyond amazement, living solidly in the land of shock. As one notoriously bad with plants, the wreckage of my gardening endeavors lies behind me like a compost heap of destruction. I've managed to kill every single African Violet I have ever laid a hand on, plus a nice purply thing that was supposed to live forever and be able to start more plants off by cutting bits off, a perfectly shaped little evergreen tree that I intended to plant out but couldn't decide where to put and so it gave up, my Christmas poinsettia which someone brought it back to life while we were gone but appears again to be sick. And these are only the plants I can remember off hand.

But for some bizarre and mysterious reason, there are little tiny zinnia plants poking through, as well as spinach and radishes (I think the radishes are supposed to be indestructible but I have a hard time believing it). Now I'm filled with anxiety that rabbits will come, or blight or bugs or something. And then there's horror of the instructions on the backs of all the seed packets that say 'thin plants when established' which sounds like a perfect opportunity to ruin everything.

The things my mother planted last year are doing beautifully, of course. The pink rose is covered in waxy fragrant blooms and the larger pink thing is an array of glory. Even though I look at the label every day, I can't seem to keep the name of it in my mind. I read my fine, sensible gardening book straining and trying to dimly understand what on earth the splendid author is talking about. I've read carefully about a hanging tomato contraption but darkness veils my understanding of how it works.

It will be no surprise to you how much comfort I take from the words of Jesus, that we plant and water, but God makes seeds grow. We tear down and kill, but he binds up, heals, and gives life. We forget to water, but he, out of mercy, sometimes brings rain.


Teacher Mommy said...

I am also capable of killing pretty much anything and everything plant-wise that comes my way. It's a great comfort to me that it is not necessary for my survival.

Cristan said...

Sigh. I know what you mean. Dan and I have been reduced to buying ridiculously expensive "fake" plants and an assortment of trees that look "real." It's embarrassing, but I'll own it. :) We do have two plants of the desert variety out back that my mother-in-law bought when she was here a few months back. So far, they've survived us - knock on wood.

A couple of times I've talked of trying to start a garden if we go back to Oregon. Pretty much anything seems to grow in that rain-soaked place. Each time I mention it, Dan looks at me with strained patience and reminds me of my plant track record. Still....

So glad your little garden is thriving! Keep us posted. You'll be enjoying home-grown vegetables before you know it. :)

lissla lissar said...

I just planted my first-ever adult garden on Sunday. I am watching with apprehension. I once killed a cactus by knocking it into a drawer, shutting the drawer, and forgetting about it. I expect to be able to grow food?

Clearly delusional.