Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Really Quick Takes

So excited about the World Cup. Have entered into quadrennial arguments with husband about why soccer is the best sport ever. Plus, found awesome Ap for awesome phone allowing me to be completely disengaged from reality pursuing minute by minute news about all players. Cote d'Ivoire is playing!
Trying to figure out to organize my life so that I can watch soccer at 7am and 2pm every day in other locations (as we have no tv). So far I think I'll be starting every day at Crepe Heaven, and then showing up at various friend's houses in the afternoons. I know some of you think I'm kidding, in which case, you will be so disappointed when you find out I'm not.
Was given the insane and unhelpful and unfriendly gift of Amish friendship bread. Didn't realize it was the Amish equivalent of an old fashioned chain letter. Somehow ended up with Two Batches and came to the belief, mid afternoon, covered in sugar and pudding, that I was wrestling with Leviathan and there was no way I could win. Carefully packaged up 7 starter bits and drove them desperately all over town. Biding my time to be able to give an armload of batches back to the person who gave it to me.
Baby has entered new and clingy stage whereby no one is able to feed her cereal but me. Never had a clingy baby before and am now stuck holding and feeding a baby that is old enough to crawl around and eat many interesting things from the hand of many interesting people (like her father). Flattered, of course, but really.
What with the World Cup and just general homesickness, have taken it upon myself to teach the children to speak some French. Taught them how to ask to go outside and then, because I'm so funny, told them they couldn't go outside unless they asked in French. Alouicious immediately dissolved into tears (which is always what I did when my mother tried to make me speak French) and said 'I won't remember how! Why can't we speak our own language?" (which is always what I said when my mother tried to make me speak French). Had to feed him pieces of Amish friendship bread and speak soothingly to him in English till he calmed down.
Disappointed at so many invitations to 'stop using Facebook for a week' just when I've started to really use Facebook.
Not going to clean anything in the house until I actually plant out my bowl of flowers in the garden. Sick of cleaning and cleaning every day only to find that I haven't had time to garden again. So obviously the cleaning has to go. Maybe we can do it in French.

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Duffy said...

alrighty then, let's hear your predictions for World Cup. JPMorgan statistical modelers are picking England to win. (I am not joking but they must be).

I'm just hoping we can get out of the second round.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

#7 is so true! I love gardening and have discovered that if I want to do it, I have to do it FIRST. Cleaning will wait. It will always be there. :)

Jillian.Marie said...

Micah and I have been given Amish friendship bread way too many times. We just freeze the starter and then bake it as a hostess gift every time we need one.

Karen said...

Anne, the Amish friendship bread starter freezes... I forget the details, but I used to bake that bread alot 20 years ago when I was in grad school, (I made a fantastic version with dried apricots in it....), and I know I used to keep starter in the freezer.

Enjoy the soccer. I'm missing W. Africa right now too. I return in late June. It's funny being here where noone cares about the world cup and knowing that all my friends in Africa are going football-mad right now! Oh well, I was there for the Cup d'Afrique earlier this year.... but that's getting boring. Egypt always wins it seems!

Bryan said...

When I was given a loaf and the starter for Amish Friendship Bread the adorable young woman who was recruiting me for the Nursery Committee had the honesty to say that her sister calls it "Burden Bread". If the starter didn't freeze really well this would be totally apt.
I just checked into your blog after missing you during your travels. Delightful.