Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Cold Clear North

Obviously we're back.

My blogging capabilities are seriously limited for the moment because Gladys, shock and horror, spoiled my laptop whilst we were all in Corpus and while it is on the mend, may the Lord be ever praised, it is virtually impossible to blog on it. So my usual routine is disrupted and when that happens blogging is always the first thing to go. Furthermore, we neglected to bring the camera home with us and so there will be no pictures until it arrives in the mail.

While I await the camera and the full restoration of my computer, I am trying to unpack and de-clutter and re-acclimate myself to the cold. Did you all know that it snowed here on Sunday? I'm digging out sweaters and socks and trying not to resort to profanity. Matt kindly and lovingly left the window open last night so that we wouldn't "be too hot". I invited all the children in to bed this morning to warm up thereby getting my own back.

Matt is fussing to get his computer back from me, so I will only say that camping was A Great Success. If you have five small children and you decide to drive across the country, I would encourage you most strongly to consider camping. It was lovely, warm, pleasant, pretty and apart from the chiggers, everyone had a good time. By far and away it beat being cooped up in various tiny hotel rooms and eating at Denny's. And, of no small triumph, it was extremely cheap.

And now, once more into the fray.

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R said...

I'm glad you camped, some of my greatest memories from being a kid were cross-country camping trips.