Thursday, May 27, 2010

child trying to get out of unloading the dishwasher

A: "Did you run the dish washer last night?"
Me: "Yes I did."
A: "Well, there's one knife that's really dirty and that tells me that everything in the dishwasher is really dirty."
Me: "Put that knife in the sink. I know I ran the dishwasher. Not everything will be dirty."
A looking sly: "Well, it tells me that everything is probably dirty."


Teacher Mommy said...

Uh oh. I got confused for a minute there as to which person was whom. She's sounding alarmingly mother-like in her approach.

I wonder where she got that?

Anne Kennedy said...

Actually, "A" is Alouicious. He is a very precise and careful dishwasher unloader. And also, always trying to get out of work. I was trying to type with one hand and succumbed to laziness myself.

Cristan said...

LOL! :D That is hilarious! :D

Joyce Carlson said...

Hi Anne,
I'm off to Tanzania tomorrow and won't be back at my computer for a couple of weeks, but maybe Dorie will let me check mail from her computer now and then. We are going to Zanzibar with T and D on the 30th or 31st.
Send me messages via Dorie and tell A to wash the knife by hand.
Hugs to all,