Saturday, April 17, 2010

update from Temple

There is a large grey cloud settled over our hotel and all the rest of Temple where we are all indulging in the forbidden pleasures of Watching TV!! All the cartoons (or partoons, as we call them) are just as awful as I remember them to be. Matt isn't watching TV. He is jumping rope and making me feel slothful. However, this bed is so extraordinarily soft, after the pleasures of camping for three nights, that I cannot bring myself to move.
When I finally do drag myself into reality we will all go back to Matt's grandmother's for breakfast. And then its back into the car for San Antonio to see an allotment of cousins.

Have set my expectation bar as low as I possibly could, I can say with enthusiasm that we had a good time camping and that our instincts--that children who have been in the car for 8 hours should not then be expected to go to a hotel and a restaurant, but rather should run around and collect fire wood, roast marshmallows and get filthy--was a true and correct instinct.

See facebook for continued sarcastic one line updates!


Dr. Alice said...

Glad to hear the trip is going well. Can you post a link to your Facebook account on the blog? There are several Anne Kennedys on Facebook.

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

Glad to hear your trip is going well.

Julia said...

Oh dear. Not a good week to be in Texas, I'm afraid. It's been uncharacteristically rainy and cool. Although, my son in Austin said it was lovely there Saturday. He went to a reggae festival!

I hope the Kennedy family is bringing lots of sunshine to us this week! :) Enjoy your visit!

Big hugs from a blog fan in Central Texas!

Anonymous said...

If my puter had been working I could have stopped to see you. I went thru San Antonio & Temple on my way back home to Minnesota from Brownsville.

Cristan said...

San Antonio! I love the River Walk there! Hope you took lots of pictures. I'm so impressed that you guys went camping! I don't know if I'd brave camping with one child, much less several more than that! You're amazingly daring!

I've been catching up on your blog and it's making me miss you!