Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't want to blog since I can't seem to do it on my awesome phone

Blogger won't let me blog from my phone, apparently, and I'm so disappointed that I can hardly bear it.

Obviously, the wireless situation, as you can see, has been attended to. Matt is on his computer, I am on mine and so we don't need to speak any more or stuff like that. What a relief!

But I don't really intend to blog. There's too much else going on.
We've been going many interesting places--the Alamo, the Corpus Christi Boat Show, the Rodeo, Christ Church San Antonio, the awesome mall where you can get enormous plates of rice and teriyaki chicken.
The baby, in a matter of days, has gone from eating one tiny bowl of cereal once a day to eating three massive bowls of cereal (breakfast, lunch and supper).
And we FINALLY got her ears pierced.
We've been cooking lavish suppers (salmon, chicken, tilapia) and the children have been eating candy all day long.
Elphine has been devoting herself to Fun with Dick and Jane and Gwendolyn has developed a passion for the letter 'E'.
Romulus has devoted himself to TV of any and every kind (even the news if that's all he can get).
Alouicious managed to celebrate his birthday for an entire week by manipulation, trickery and whining.
And Matt has an impressive stack of books that he dozes over.
In short, we're exhausting ourselves with "rest".

OH!!!! Someone asked about facebook. I've been wasting time trying to put a fancy facebook button on my sidebar but I still am failing in that way (can any of you tell me what to do? Blogger doesn't seem to have a 'gadget for that). So see if you can find me on FB as Anne Carlson Kennedy. And if that doesn't work I'll hopefully still be able to post the link. Have a great weekend!


Annie said...

Okay here's how you add a "Profile Badge" to your blog for Facebook. Go to your Profile page. While keeping an eye on the left nav, scroll down the page and the very last thing you will see (below any links or notes, etc.) is a link that says, "Create a Profile Badge." Click that, then select "Blogger" from the options on the next screen. Continue to follow the instructions and you should be set to go. Took the liberty of Friending you. Hope you'll accept. Blessings, AnnieCOA

Bryan said...

It is great to know you haven't fallen off the edge of somewhere! Happy Trails!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Ann, it's been delightful to catch up tonight on all your doings! Let's see...look for my friend request on Facebook...can't believe you're in San Antonio--we were just there! excited about your new your website! (We are currently having one designed as well, so we can be a real grown-up church too. :)

Blessings on all your travels--


Dr. Alice said...

Hope you are all having a lovely time, and I am greatly enjoying seeing your photos on Facebook. Would love to hear about your adventures in Texas.