Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Not a real post

Happy Easter!

I'm too foggy with post Easter tired to think through the past week. I intend to give a varied and delightful account of all the proceedings as soon as I fully awake from my stupor. I also intend to work out every day this week, read the three books of the Bible I'm behind on in my reading the Bible in a year schedule, cook enough food for a week, unroll a vast tent and see if it works for real, carefully pack a small number of carefully selected summer like clothes (which means digging out all the summer things), and loose fifteen pounds in order to be able to stuff myself into a stunning vintage cocktail dress on loan to me for the days to come.

That's right, we're getting ready to drive to Texas! in a car! with five small children! and camp if it doesn't rain! and take all our own food! and make a pilgrimage to Independence Kansas to see the Little House on the Prairie!

Its going to be so fun. We're going to have such a good time. And maybe someone can offer us free marriage and family therapy when we get back.

Here is a link to all the sermons of the week.
And here are the two pictures we remembered to take of the whole week (sorry! I'm going to put them all back in their Easter clothes and stage a picture. Sorry Sorry Sorry).


Lauren said...

I loved seeing the pic of you and the kids! But you're watering down your undercurrent! Stick to your principles, girl!

Anonymous said...

haha! Vague and pleasant hostility. Brilliant. Also, did you get my email? Would you be a godparent?


Anne Kennedy said...

I must not have! Of course I would! I would love to!

eulogos said...

The time we all camped (in a pop up) on the way down to see Carl graduate from boot camp, everyone but me cheered when it was pouring rain and we had to go to a motel! Me, I was saying, it would be nice to sleep in the pop up in the rain and hear it on the canvas. But I was outvoted.
That was the trip in which we were the only ones camping on Cape Hatteras, by the striped lighthouse, and we couldn't understand why until we opened the car doors and every square inch of exposed skin was covered by the biggest nastiest mosquitoes I had ever seen. One kid was bit so badly that he hallucinated glowing green worms crawling around on the inside of the camper. The showers were weak streams of lukewarm sulphurous water, and the mosquitoes were busy biting the back of one's body while the front was getting wet, and vice versa.
We missed the last ferry from Okracoke and had to spend an extra night, and when we called our son to tell him we would miss the dinner but would be there for the ceremony, no one gave him the message, and he didn't know we would be there until he saw us while standing at attention and couldn't move a muscle...but you could still tell in his face that he had seen us.
Afterwards he camped with us, parked the camper in a spot my husband could never have backed us into, set up the camper and an auxiiliary tent so fast you could hardly see where his hands were, and jumped to attention clapping back on his hat when a vacationing officer walked by. We were impressed by the results of boot camp on our son.

Afterwards, even the bad parts of the trip were memorable.

Susan Peterson