Thursday, April 08, 2010

Its already thursday and my week of 'packing' is almost over without ever actually beginning

I'm going to be perfectly honest. It is very very very very unlikely that I will ever give a detailed account of Holy Week on this blog. Right now I am lying here with a dinky baby sucking desperately on my elbow, an angry non morning child who appears to have slept in his brother's knight costume against his brother's will, a small child shouting louder and louder, 'I don't want a Pider Man Book! I want a Princeth book. My face hurts,' and two other children moving in closer and closer so that I am about to fall off the bed.

How many is that? Looks like all five.
I've vaguely glanced through many interesting blogs of people who manage to read wonderful books. I've read some of the news. I've wasted 14 minutes on facebook.

So it looks like maybe we should all crash downstairs and whine and complain our way into breakfast.


Misty said...

So, hi there. This is Misty of Ron and Vinu's group, the wife of Josh, mother of Kyiv and Taliesin. Anyway, it's so crazy I am here. Shocking actually. I found your blog off of a blog by an orthodox Jew living in Israel. I saw the picture and thought to myself....I know this woman. Well, what do you know....I really do know this woman. We are in southern PA now. I hope you are all well. Praise God for all your beautiful kids. May your family be blessed.

Jessica said...

You know, Anne, you DID Holy Week. I don't think you owe anyone a description of it.

Plus you have an awesome header picture, so (IMHO and all that) I think you're justified just resting on your laurels. While being climbed on by five kids. Because that's so restful.


Polly said...

Are you coming through DC on this crazy road trip? If so, perhaps you should camp in my living room instead of a camp site. :)

The Rev. Summer Gross said...

LOVE your honesty! Thank you for your blog. You've inspired me to do the same...for the baby book that my children never seem to get, if nothing else. You might enjoy my description of Easter with a three year old behind the altar...aghast!

now I have to run and rescue the baby. I just heard him open the toilet cover...he's going fishing!
The Rev. Summer Gross @

The Rev. Summer Gross said...

BTW, I'll be linking to you from my blog once I figure out how to do this. Who has time to figure out technology? Now to the baby.