Monday, March 08, 2010

Its not like I'm busy or anything

Well, really, I am, upsetting and horribly busy.
I intended to blog every day last week but many mornings I didn't even open my computer.

So, because a list is really all I have minutes for, here are those things that I ought to have done, have done, or probably ought not to have is lent after all:

--Thank You Notes. I HAVE to write thank you notes. I'm So bad at them. I have a stack of them sitting there glaring at me.
--catching up on my list writing. I've been forgetting to make lists reminding me to do what's on my lists.
--Reading to the kids. I'm trying to read to the kids every day, but you'd be surprised how difficult it is to read even one whole picture book without interruption, just one, or even only half.
--School. After being sick for nearly two weeks, its been hard to get back on track.
--Pilates. I'm doing a wretched video in those spare moments that don't exist. I can't Stand the perky happy fit people saying 'Good Job!' to me when I'm lying in pain on the floor, clearly not doing a good job.
--Watching Mitchell and Webb's Peep Show. In good conscience I can't recommend this because its fairly profane and in many ways completely offensive. However, its so funny. Its like modern day PG Wodehouse, capturing the deep abiding embarrassment of the English person. If you don't like British humor you won't like this.
--Not reading actual books. I have a stack of 20 books sitting right here next to me that I'm not reading.
--Finishing Matt's blanket of death. Its not an actual blanket of death. Its a really thick knitted throw blanket thing that I started before we got married, intending to give it to him and be so impressive. 1o years later, I've finally finished it but the weather is already too hot for him to even touch it (wretched man). In the intervening years he began referring to it as his 'blanket of death', that lovely hand made thing that I would finish only in time to place gently over his cold body in a coffin. Here it is, 24 hours later and he's still up and breathing. I showed him. But I'm never knitting a whole blanket again.
--Comforting and coddling Elphine who fell backwards off an evil stool and was promptly taken to the ER by her father for 4 stitches, a Popsicle, a stack of stickers, a pair of plastic gloves and later a large bowl of ice cream.
--Finishing up Numbers. I really love Numbers.
--Holding the baby. All the time. Just because.


Jessica said...

Oh golly, I hate Pilates. And I love exercise DVD's; I'm addicted to Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. But that Pilates balancing-on-your-tailbone stuff is not natural.

But I think I'd rather do a Pilates DVD than write thank-you notes. You have my sympathies.

(And now I must check out that Peep Show thing. You've seen "As Time Goes By", right?)

Anne Kennedy said...

Yes but when you check out the Peep Show don't forget that I said how profane it is. I'm so afraid someone is going to be so horrified. But my word, so funny.
I love As Time Goes By but I have to watch it by myself :).

Zana said...

Oh, the dreaded blanket of death! I had a quilt of death... hand pieced, hand-quilted, started before we got married. I wanted a KING-sized quilt, because I hate quilts that don't cover the edges of the sheets when you put it on the bed. Finally, after years of great toil, I finished the quilt! And now it resides in the cedar chest because it completely clashes with everything else in our house (including the husband, who says it's "too hot" even in the dead of winter).

I say to myself... Never. Again. 8-)