Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its Holy Week

and that means that I barely have a breath to spare.

I love Holy Week. It is arguably my favorite week of the year. As I was racing around on Saturday evening setting up for the Sunday school children to celebrate the Last Supper together, and helping Matt with altar details I realized again how thoroughly I enjoy church and everything related to church. I find it thus remarkable again that we are living in the shadow of the church and that I can run over at any moment of the day to fuss and arrange and do whatever.

This week on Wednesday is Tennebrae (one of my top favorites), Thursday is feet washing, Holy Eucharist and the stripping of the altar, Friday is the liturgy of the hours and the Stations of the Cross in the evening, and of course, Saturday is the Great Vigil of Easter. I grow lyrical about the Great Vigil of Easter but I have a sermon to write and lemon curd to make (for Easter dinner dessert), various shoppings to do, acolytes to sort out, a wok to find for the Vigil fire, and a couple other dozen odd jobs to attend to. I hope you all have a blessed Holy Week walking in the way of Jesus.

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