Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes

The board has agreed on a name for the school we're starting this fall. And it is (don't say it if you already know)....Soli Deo Gloria Classical School. I love it. I'm so excited. It sums up our vision and purpose besides rolling really beautifully off the tongue. This was a fairly arduous process, worse, as I said before, than naming a child. We would have had Academy instead of Classical School but it turns out, in NY, that you can only have Academy for High School grades and we won't be doing that for another few years.
The baby's eating schedule is upside down and its driving me crazy. She sleeps nice long chunks of the day and then eats all night. She's getting heavy and round and I'm getting a shorter and shorter fuse as I loose more and more sleep. I really hate to let her cry it out this young but I don't know what else to do. You all were so helpful on the shoe question, any advice?
Church of the Good Shepherd has a new website. Its so cool. Like our now gorgeous music, our professional and slick website brings us more and more into the realm of real grown up church.
Our psychotic and wayward cat who for so long sinned against us by using the entire house as his loo, moved from there to chewing large chunks of his own hair off. We took him to the vet a while ago and were told he ought to have monthly cortisone shots. Appalled at that idea I began a campaign of prayer over him, imploring God for a cheaper miracle, essentially. God has answered my prayer. I have no idea why, but his hair is growing back and he sleeps on my back instead of up in the ceiling of the basement. I have no idea why I might be loosing so much sleep.
I had the pleasure of listening to Beethoven's Wig for the first time yesterday. What an excellent piece of music, the lyrics! everything. I commend it to you all.
For orchestra this term I've had my fours and fives stand up and shout 'Hallelujah' when I say Handel. And when I say Bach, they stand up and shout 'So Many Children!' and when I say Mozart they stand up and shout 'Too Many Notes!'
We're in the throws of organizing Iron Shepherd 2010. You doubtless remember that at the last Iron Shepherd I creamed Matt by a grand one point. This time we're considering competing together as a team against someone else. The important question is, at whom shall we fling the gauntlet? And what weekend would be best?
Everybody is screaming so apparently these quick takes are over. Have a great weekend!

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Anne said...

I just have to leave a comment about your children's names...had you really given them those names, I would not have thought you crazy. My niece has five children and her baby (my Goddaughter) is named Marigold. She is a ray of sunshine and a golden redhead to match her name!

I love how you say "your cat sinned against you" Very clever!

R said...

So jealous I'm not there for Iron Shepherd '10. :D Not sure you & Matt on one team is remotely fair, & perhaps a handicap is in order!
Have fun!

quirkyskittle said...

It was at least seven points by which you creamed Matt. I was one of the scorekeepers, and I should know.

Lauren said...

Re. Marigold.
I think she has her days and nights reversed. You'll need to retrain her to sleep long when it's dark and quiet and wake up more frequently throughout the day.

My advice is to start waking her up in the day-times every three hours and feeding her then. It's a bit painful, especially if she only JUST got to sleep, but if you do that for a couple of days and let her sleep from about 6pm on, she'll start reversing her day/nights back into sync with the rest of the family.
Oh, and make sure her daytime sleeps are in a well-lit, noisy area.

Email if you want some tough love...

Rosemary said...

I always found that changing the bath time solved that problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lauren on the sleep thing. I wonder if things are busy during the day and she's figured out that she has your complete, quiet, and undivided attention at night so it's easier to just nurse then. Try adding in more nursing sessions during the day, even if you have to wake her. Does she have a long stretch of sleep when she first goes to bed? If so, I would try going to bed at the same time rather than putting her down at 6, so at least you'll get that one good stretch of sleep. I remember Addy would sometimes go 4-6 hours or so for the first stretch and then wake up every 2-3 hours after that. One other thought. If she's sleeping next to you at night, try having her sleep on the other side of Matt instead (assuming she won't fall or something) so that you're not quite so accessible and wonderful smelling. I hope she starts sleeping better for you!