Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The topics of conversation are lessening in number

This is the part of fall that I really enjoy--the part where, at 7am, the light is only beginning to emerge and so all the children are still asleep thinking that its still night. There's such a vast difference between being covered with children at 4 in the morning and being covered with them at 7:30.

Yesterday, without any nagging or whining or any other miserable tactics so often resorted to by women (that would be me), Matt measured the crib, went to Lowes, bought a board, sawed it into the right shape, rummaged around and found a mattress that fit perfectly (I have No Idea from whence this mattress originated. I've never seen it before. It is the perfect mattress), took the rockers off the cradle so finally, after four babies of whacking my ankles over and over and over for the fifth baby I will be basically bruise free, moved bins of clothes out of the way so I can finish sorting, And brought several more boxes of books upstairs. I watched his boundless energy hunched over on my stool like an old women, sorting through endless piles of baby and children's clothes, thinking on one hand that the baby ought to be born RIGHT NOW and on the other hand that I will NEVER BE READY and that I need several more months.

So you see, life is narrowing down into one main thought for me. Even though all the world is going gently on around me, I am going into some kind of mental confinement and wishing that I could send my body there too--to some place in the country only to emerge magically with baby in hand.

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AmmaKate said...

You two offer all of us hope and daily encouragement. You prove by your lives that god's assurance that " life goes on" is true. Amid court battles, herecy, mean spiritness of our times, you preach with your lives.
Thanks and God Bless.