Friday, October 02, 2009

A Little Excitement

I have admonished my two oldest to sleep as late as they possibly can given how late we all were getting to bed. In other words I only have two little ones squirming around and preparing to jump on the bed.

Yesterday was another milestone in the unfolding life of being parents. We DID finish all our work by 1pm, leaving hours, it seemed, for a nap. And then friends came over to sing a different version of the Classical Conversations History Sentence Week 5 because none of us liked the tune provided. And then, while all the children (am I right in counting up a total of 7?) played knights and princess, Alouicious, armor and all, stumbled in the course of battle and sustained an injury that quickly became clear would require our first family trip to the emergency room. Actually, just Matt went, child in arms, calling out to his Bible Study to 'Keep Studying' and 'would someone please lock the church when you all leave?' because the Shepherd's Bowl was winding down.

The two of them arrived home three hours later, Alouicious still in armor looking pale, noble and brave. Apparently he Didn't Cry At All and held perfectly still, while some other grown person was having their leg set next door with loud cries and moans. He was given no less than 22 stickers by various nurses coming through every few minutes to check on him. And his mouth was blue from a Popsicle ('with a stick!' he informed me later).

Many of you who know Alouicious personally will be deeply impressed at his bravery because he's generally pretty quick to shout and cry over relatively small incidents. I was amazed by how circumspect he was--describing the nurses and the fact that there was a 'bed but no blankets' and that the stitches would need to come out in one week.

Elphine bubbling over with a cold and worry over her brother burst back into tears when it was finally time to go up to bed. She and Romulus and Gladys and the visiting friends had all wept properly when Alouicious was carried off. I so wish I had had a camera to capture the striking array of armor and princess dresses.

So today we will sit about very quietly and try to not bump into each other and do what little study we can without becoming too tired.


Mimi said...

Hi, Please tell A how proud Mimi and Boppy are of him for being so brave at the Emergency Room. And give him a huge hug from us too! He was as brave as a Knight in Shining Armor so he should wear his costume proudly!

Love, Mimi and Boppy

Carrie said...

My sorrow for A is mostly overshadowed by my amusement at your description. I will properly ooohh and aahhh tomorrow.