Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday (updated)

I've started three or four posts over the last week, wandered away from them and on return discovered that I had No Idea what I was talking about. Every moment that I haven't been doing something else I've been imploring God to send me into labor. The trouble is, I think, is that I'm praying without belief. I don't really expect ever to have this baby...Ever.

Anyway, today is Gladys' birthday.
She is Two Years Old.
And totally delightful. When asked by tricky and irritating adults where the 'New Baby' is she purses her lips and says 'I can't find her!'
When you open the door for her she says 'Pank you berry buch'.
When Matt is heading out the door in the morning without her she wails 'I NEED TO GO TO Church WITH DADDY!'
And when she's in trouble, she categorically blames it on Romulus regardless of whatever it is, without fail.

Already I've gotten into hot water by trying to engage the older children in a lie. They, of course, know that they are not to lie--NOT EVER. God hates lying.
'Yes, but', I said this morning, 'she doesn't know that its her birthday and it will confuse her if we celebrate it tomorrow, which we are going to do, and tell her that its her birthday today.'
'But tomorrow's not her birthday,' pointed out Elphine.
'I know, I know. I'll try to explain again in a few minutes!' But of course, there is no good way to explain breaking the ten commandments which they have all finally mastered from CC week One.

Today, besides school, and not telling Gladys its her birthday, we're going to finish rearranging the furniture. The floors in the living, dining and hallway have been REDONE. They are beautiful, clean, echoing, golden.

update: Is it possible that Gladys shares a birthday with the estimable and brilliant PG Wodehouse? Yes! Indeed it is!!!!!. Seriously considering changing her blog name to 'Honoria'. Hmmmmmm.


Teacher Mommy said...

Honoria? Really? I think there are others you could choose. I think Dahlia would be a better pick. I always liked Aunt Dahlia.

Anne Kennedy said...

Its just that there's something that hearkens to Honoria about her. Or maybe Aunt Agatha. She just seems to be shaping up to be that sort of person.

eulogos said...

My first college roommate was named Honoria...called Honey.

Happy Birthday to "Gladys"


R said...

Hurrah New England Fall! Like the new header.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Happy Birthday to miss gladys. I remember when she was born! And good luck with your new one on the way.