Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving in, and the floor...and you thought I had moved on from this subject

We had marked off 10:30 as the moment to blast through the garage and basement in a last final push to completely unpack and be moved into this house. But I hear Matt still working out so I will take a quiet moment to write. The tree outside our living room window is so golden and beautiful in the sun, we Will Have to go outside for a few minutes today at some point.

I'm thoroughly surprised to be so enjoying this house. The cat smell is COMPLETELY gone. The cleanness just permeates my being and settles my spirit. Here are the new floors, with children.

Here they were being put in,

with children.

Certainly there is work to be done. We need to paint the children's rooms, our room, the hallways. The kitchen cabinets need to be painted and a new floor put in that somehow matches the beautiful floor everywhere else, but none of it is urgent in the way these cat laden floors were.

Matt's weights have stopped clanking, so I will rouse myself. I have boxes and boxes of beautiful crystal to unpack and dust, and books, and little tiny baby shoes.


Anonymous said...

You are such a gift to all of us. Praying for you daily. We'll miss you greatly when the Women Clergy have lunch tomorrow at the Retreat here at Ridgecrest.

R said...

Hurrah! They are beautiful! I'm glad you are unpacking crystal- I've been unpacking all sorts of bizarre things and wondering a) What they are and b) what to do with them.

Love the diningroom colour. After that post I spent a good week trying to work out what seasons Kass, my mother and I are, without success. I think Kass is a winter like you- that's about as far as I got. The one green wall in the livingroom looks suspiciously like the entirety of our diningroom- close to this:
At least that's the paint we used to touch up the archway. It looks horrible with my bright red pottery from Spain, but I'm dreaming about claret velvet curtains which would be a stunning combination. Doesn't really work with my celadon either, so must only use the black dishes in there....

And all of the above is probably why I never pick paint colours. We did paint the kitchen Brilliant White and I'm perfectly happy with that- did I mention that the stove is forest green? Have you ever seen a dark green stove? I'm so glad it's not avocado. It's kinda cute, actually, but no less strange for it, and oddly matches a set of napkins I dyed ages ago. The livingroom is pink, and I think I hate it. However, as it is currently the most presentable room in the house, it's last on the list of priorities. Our bedroom is no longer pink, and it is such an amazing sense of relief every time I go in there- I hadn't realised just how much I didn't like the previous colour.

Miss you all dreadfully- Kass is advocating stealing you all so we can have a proper Biblestudy here. :D

Jimmie said...

Hi! I saw a link to my blog and wanted to pop over and see. Nice to meet you. :-)
Your new floors are lovely, and although we are cat lovers, no one likes a house that smells of pets. Yuck. Clean is so wonderful!

Anonymous said...
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