Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday Evening

In another few minutes I need to go my gasping way back from the office to the house where sits my mother Very happy to be home, and breathing much more freely than I (we are up several 1000 feet and I am not used to it, also, this baby just seems really fat and big, even though it is apparently still only a few ounces). She has an artery now that blood can move all the way through. As the neighbor informed her this afternoon, in England 40% is a passing grade. It may not be in the US, but in this case, its well more than it was on Tuesday, and we are so so grateful, both that the doctors succeeded, when they felt dubious that that would be the case, and that she's home so soon. To open the artery more than 40%, she will require a diamond bit drill and a doctor to handle it, neither of which exist here in Kenya at this time. Indeed, the ability to do what they did this week is very new and special, and the doctor himself recently arrived from being trained in Dallas. So all things come together at the right time, and God is very good.

The girls and I are doing very well. For one thing, we're so happy to be here with my parents and see where they have lived the last four years. And for another, we are finally on the right hour, and so are not crying and fussing all the time. I've been taking pictures constantly, and will try to get them off my camera when I gather my wits. We hope to see the orphaned baby elephant reserve and Rift Valley Academy, and E wants Most of all to go back to the grocery store where they have child sized carts and she pushed her own. I am struggling to get my phone to take a SIM card so that I can text, which is what EVERYbody does here ('why don't you text?' my mother asked, 'I text') because its cheaper.

This Sunday, providentially, we will get to go to the Cathedral and see the goodbye service for Archbishop Nzimbi, and there are rumors that we will get to meet the Famous Bishop Atwood, about whom I have heard so much but have never yet laid my eyes on. AND there are so many children lined up to play and a library to go to, that we won't have a moment's peace as long as we are here.


Bob Maxwell+ said...

Lots of water/tea for alt. adjustment. After we got back to Alb from Houston, we both had a problem readjusting to 4800'.

ATT service works world wide --I've dialed +Bill's cell and he's answered in Nairobi and London. We both have ATT.

Give Bp Bill a hug for me after he gives you the one I asked him to!


Jill C. said...

Neat -- Dallas connections. I hope you do get to meet Bishop Atwood. And what a cool home school field trip E. got to take, eh? God bless you, Ann! Thanks for the informative update. :)

Linn Boese said...

Anne, give your mom a big hug for me! I'm rooting for her, and I'm so glad God was weaving everything together so that the procedure could take place right there, and you and the kids could be there. Fabulous!