Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Memorium

In keeping with my current Announcement Only Blogging Life, I just wanted to mark and honor the passing of my Glorious Cat into the presence of her Maker.

She had been sick for some time (I think I twittered, I can't even remember) and got to be much worse while I was in Kenya. Matt and the Cat Doctor determined that they couldn't prolong the inevitable any longer, and helped her gently out of this world last Tuesday while I was flying home.

I rescued this kitty almost exactly ten years ago from a dumpster on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene where she had been cast by some benighted individual who thought that they wanted a kitten and then decided they didn't. I reluctantly gave her away so that I could go to seminary, but when I married Matt, part of his present to me (besides a lovely desk) was reclaiming this beautiful cat.

This, I think, is really how Christ loves the church. Matt doesn't like cats, and neither does his dog, Maggie. But over the past 8 years, Matt has tended to this cat, and now two others, not only in the matter of kitty litter, and feeding, but finally in caring for her in her final days. I am told she slept next to him on our bed, food and water right there on a blanket, was carried down to be with him during the day and to sit in the sun, was carried down to the kitty box, was given medicine, and taken to the vet.

I am also very grateful to a very wonderful member of the Lady's Bible Study and Romulus's particularly important person for taking her to the vet several times and generally being there to comfort and sustain her.

I miss her very much and hope that God is taking jolly good care of her until I get there to be sure. In light of my present grief, I have two requests. First, I am not in any shape to acquire another cat at this time. Second, I would be most grateful to Clumber and Father Christian for refraining, if at all possible, from criticizing and mocking me, my cat or Matt in this matter.


R said...

Awe! We will miss the kitty. :(


Jill C. said...

My husband wasn't much of a cat person when I met him either. But over the years he has taken to them. He has even been known to refer to the two we have now as his "babies!" >^.^<

The young fogey said...

I'm sorry. RIP.

Judith L said...

The pain of losing a beloved pet is indescribable. But since I am involved in volunteer rescue, I do hope and pray that, eventually, you will recover sufficiently to bring another cat into your life. Not a replacement. There can never be that.

Nobody said...

I lurk at your blog, and enjoy reading your thoughts about many things. I think I kept visiting because of your cat tales. I too, go to great lengths with my animals, particularly the cats. It is sad when we find there is nothing more we can do for them. There will never be another one like her, and yes, they do go back to God, don't you think?

And the Cat Doctor rocks IMHO.

Anonymous said...

My kitty is dying tonight and if she makes it to morning then I have to take her to the vet and well... she is 17 years old. I've been out to the pet cemetary where so many of my four footed companions are to make arrangements. Tears and comfort from our Lord tonight and please remember me in your prayers as we grieve but also giving thanks to the Father for giving us a part of his creation to care for.There will be sweet memories, but also tears.

Geri said...

Oh, Anne, my heart bleeds for you. It is so difficult to lose a treasured animal. It had to be hard for you to get home and find your beloved kitty not there. My prayers are with you and yours.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

My dear child - you clearly misjudge me.

The entire St. Onuphrius' Ministry Team and (more importantly) myself extend our deepest sympathy to you in this time. We may be the epitome of all you dislike about the Church, but we are (with the possible exception of our evangelical curate) nonetheless human (or canine, or feline).

And speaking personally now - I also know what it is to grieve for a feline companion - believe me, I know what it is to grieve. My prayers are indeed with you all at this time - and also with you Melody+.

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

I am so sorry you lost your kitty. I am still missing our beloved greyhound who we had to put to sleep last September. He was 12 and had a good, long life, and was suffering daily from extensive nerve damage. But I still want him back, now, 9 months later.