Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home again, Home again...

Elphine is dropping off in the middle of her Bible Story. Romulus is talking loudly and squeezing drops of water out of a bottle onto his tummy. Alouicious is wiggling. Gladys is climbing on and off my lap. She's been throwing up all afternoon. In other words, we're all back in one place cozily together and SO GRATEFUL

1. That we traveled safely and that all the airplanes were sound and secure.
2. That we got to go and be with my mom at such a moment.
3. That so many of you took such lovely care of Matt and the boys (meals, a spotless house, many fun outings for the boys).
4. That we got to have a first hand encounter with the Anglican Church in Kenya and meet so many people who have prayed so much for us.
5. That my parents are this moment in the air and coming to be with us and that my mom is able to take a full breath through her own artery, 40 percent open.

Here comes the baby. This post will have to continue at a later moment.


AmmaKate said...

Thanks Be to God!! I don't suppose we will be treated to your company in Bedford next week? Another Clergywoman can dream...
I am grateful all is back to your quality coordinated chaos at home!

Carrie said...

So when do I get to see you? And, A is always wiggling.

Jim said...

Thankful prayers!


Dr. Alice said...

I hadn't dropped by for a few weeks, just had a chance to read and I'm stunned at all that has happened. So glad things have turned out well for your mom and that you're all back in one piece.